Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday, 14 March 2011

That face again

A snap shot of a variation of a previous pencil drawing, I'm still working on it!
It did have an Iris and pupil but I painted it out... not sure if I will re-paint it in again as yet.

I've actually used some very subtle colour in this but it doesn't show up so well in the photo.... it needs a little more work, it's proving quite a challenge to get the same amount of depth in the 'brain' as on the pencil version but I'm enjoying painting it all the same. The nose isn't right either... before I know it I'd have re-painted it!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Random scribble of the day....

Please excuse the crappiness of this photo as my new phone has a terrible camera! funny after years of drawing these kind of faces 'masks' only now am I starting to understand where they come from, it's really subliminal but it's starting to come together and have some meaning.... ...meaning to me anyway. 
I think this one will be a painting eventually, a little more detailed.... the devil is in the details.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

...and over in the little room

There be some movement....

...Ok yeah I know it's another black canvas but it's a start..!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Moving back to the end of the begining...

Damn it... I want to have my stuff back here! I never have in my mind to go to the studio, if my things were back here I'd just disappear upstairs.... so again damn it that's what I'll do! The spare room my little mind space to space my mind ♥ the all important thing for my sanity... to simply draw.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Moving on...

Sorry for the lack of movement on my page lately but things had a change round here!
Finally I have a studio I can go and work in that's not in my house! My daughter has our room, we have where my studio was and the little room will now be an office.... change is good... let's hope it's productive!

...Oh and Happy New Year! :-)

(long story... lol!)